Sunday, July 21, 2013

Taiko-Earth goes viral.....NOT!

This pot was part of a set that was commissioned by the past president of the Bonsai Society of Florida. You can actually see how I glaze the pots in the video. (See link below)

Many of you may know that there is a lot that goes into pottery. Science, proportion, and basic math all play their part in the craft of ceramics.  In the name of education I was asked to share some of my methods as they relate to my business as a potter.

Florida's education is being revamped. New standards of curriculum have been released that give relevance to real world applications. Called Common Corethis new methodology emphasizes parallels across different disciplines like math and science, or language arts and science.

This video was used by the state to show how I use proportions in my quest to develop glazes. The video is a resource for educators to show their students real world examples of cross curriculum relevance. Please check it out here:  Rob Addonizio, Field Professional /Proportion/Glazing

The film was shot in my garage/studio. All the pots were constructed by me, but the trees you see in the beginning are all property of Mike Rogers. Thanks Mike Rogers, Tabinda Syed, Adam Santone and the film crew!

Check out this technique!