Friday, April 20, 2012

Make Mine Unglazed Please...

Rough belly with a stripe under the rim for balance,
 this 10 inch wide pot is well suited for a medium large pine.

Pines, Juniper, Cedars- these guys like the warm tones of an unglazed pot.  Here are a few examples of some from my last round that I have to enrich the bark of evergreens. 

This pot is a bit smaller, in the 6 inch range,
has a different rim treatment.

I use a copper and iron wash to bring out the texture with these unglazed pieces. I have to use a good deal of reduction (kiln atmosphere) get the dark brown just right. Here is another unglazed pot. I am using a buff clay with the same oxide wash.  A different looking pot, this one is about 4.5 inches across.

Being somewhat smaller, this could actually be used for shitakusa.

This pot was constructed by cutting apart a large oval ring and then reattaching it into a smaller one.  The seam, which you can see here in the photo, has been embellished with stamps to make a good seal.  I like the look of this as the front, but the other side is fairly plain.  The bonsai artist can decide which they prefer, depending on the style of the subject that they have.

Check out this technique!