Monday, November 29, 2010

Slabs for forest or group plantings

Since my last post, I have been designing, constructing, staining and glazing slabs for two forest and group planting workshops. They range in sizes and shape, and are individually formed. This slab above has a dark brown clay body and a rich mottled brown and amber glaze. They are complete with recessed wire channels and have extra drainage holes for health roots and good aeration.

In all I will have about 40 slabs, some with glaze (brown, tan, green, cream, slate blue) and some decorated with stain (dark brown, charcoal dark gray, reddish brown).  Some slabs are small, from about 14" across, others are larger, spanning up to 25".

 I would love any comments or questions you may have about these. At any rate, check back here in a week or so and I will post another example perhaps in a different style.

Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reduction Brings Happy Accidents:

This is a reminder of what happens when you don't sir your glazes each time before you dip them. I intended this pot to be more equal in coverage but in this case I will take what I got. The reduction from the gas fired kiln burned the iron in this almost white clay body.  The thinner second coat of glaze revealed yellows and green which turned out to be a happy accident.
Pretty cool to get variation from just one glaze.  Here is a photo of the same glaze on the same clay body, fired in my small electric kiln.  It was also fired one cone lower.
Being able to have more options when firing pots can really pay off. 

If only I could get my credit card paid off- now that would be a real happy accident!

Check out this technique!