Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time out for Commissions

I have to say, as busy as last month was with making new stock and filling out orders, this month is going to be twice as busy.

This year's BSF show was a big success so I am not complaining. Sales were very well and I made some new contacts and took orders for many custom pots. Now that I am off for the summer my time is filling up fast however.  I am building a new storage/kiln shed twice the size as my old one. In it I will finally have enough room for all my dry storage of glaze materials and other regular stuff that is taking up too much room in my garagio. It is going to be a large project that I have procrastinating for a couple of years now,  so I will be doing various stages of construction during the day and making pots at night. Don't get me wrong. Being busy is good, so long as I get everything done before the fall!

Anyhoo, here are a few short shots from some of last month's commissions...

A large deep oval with VCAA green glaze and cracked texture....
Another large pot for the same gentleman shares the same base glaze as  the previous one above....

Here, same basic dimensions AND base glaze with cobalt for a different customer.

Posted by PicasaWell, thanks for letting me share.  I may do a few blog entries about the progress of my projects in a few weeks if I have any energy left!

Check out this technique!