Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Glaze to Call My Own?

Here is an ash glaze that I made creating by combining Oak ash and a high iron clay.  On this particular clay it gives a nice yellow color. I enjoy the rivulets from the glaze and the pooling effect, a common feature in many glazes of this particular type.

The recipe is a high fire glaze.  I originally tested it at cone 10, and worked well so I mixed up a large batch and used it on these few pots.  The firing went well, but by accident, the pots were fired much higher than I was shooting for.  Apparently when I was trying to even out the temperature at the peak of firing, I overestimated the amount of time that it would take, and the kiln went well past cone 11. I ended up loosing 6 other pots to the kiln gods. They had over fluxed and the glaze, not this one, ended up fusing to my kiln shelf.  I had to get the ol' hammer out....%#$@(^&%$!!!!!

Surprisingly, this glaze held up, even in the higher temperature.  Here is another example with it on a small oval pot...

Oh well, at least I know now that this glaze has potential to take the heat!!!

Check out this technique!