Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Artistic symbiosis

Symbiosis is defined as the intertwining relationship of two different species. I admit to using this term metaphorically but I think it fits the bill in this bonsai. No doubt it is a rather untraditional combination, one that invites several second glances. Like a pair of faded blue jeans or an old rusty ford pickup, this guy has quite a bit of visual appeal.

A few things I like about this composition are the interplay of form with the lower trunk. Lots of movement. This helps to bring out the character of the tree and give it personality.

 The color works well too. When this photo was taken I had the luck of having new spring foliage. The chartreuse hue of the leaves balances nicely with the pot color. Even in the shadows of the folds of the pot, the color relationship is very harmonious.

I know that there will be critics who see this tree as too different, but I beg to differ. A close look at the artistic elements in the tree, trunk and container will reveal the caliber of bonsai artist Mike Rogers.  

Traditionally tempered, yet artistically assertive.

I look forward to working on more projects with this artist. As a potter, this is the epitome of 
opportunity, being able to see my work used in the most effective and artistic ways.

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