Friday, May 11, 2012

Just for the taste of it...

For those of us who like to experiment in pottery, I can think of nothing more alluring than that which can be created by textural effects.  Gouges, cracks and crevices, filled with colored oxide washes, can really add a lot of character to a bonsai container. But it is not this alone that I am happy with, rather, the way in which it is done...

If you like the natural, unbridled use of the patterning in the example below, you may know what I am eluding to.

There is a lot of subtle color variation in this pot. Some repeated patterning, but nothing too fussy.  

Here is the other side:

I don't feel as if I have mastered this technique. Instead, I consider myself inspired to keep looking for nuances to exemplify, patterns to express.

This smaller example has a some intentional marks added on the right side of the pot that I placed to in increase the wabi sabi look...

There are several tree species that have this pot. For my taste, bucida spinosa (dwarf black olive), and Fukien Tea come to mind.

I would love to know what you think.  What's your particular taste??? 


  1. These are just incredibly beautiful. First one looks a lot like having a landscape, and not. This makes it alive, or something. I would love to see more of those inside darker tones on the outside, towards bottom, perhaps.

    1. Jani,
      Thanks for the great comments. I tend to agree about being darker, and I will keep it in mind when I make more...

  2. Beautiful Rob!



    1. Thanks always I appreciate your feedback!

  3. I really like the last one, it looks smooth and elegant with that profile and the feet. It´s a nice contrast to the ruff unglazed texture.

    1. Thanks Tomas!
      I am off to your site to see your new beauties!


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