Saturday, November 10, 2012

Interesting Glaze Combos

The cobalt in the top glaze breaks out into shades of grey brown and light blue!
Being someone who is always looking for something different to cover my pots with has its ups and downs. I never seem to get there fast enough and when I do, I am still left with more questions than answers. 

Spending countless hours pouring over articles, recipes, and anecdotes, I find inspiration. Perhaps its the color of a glaze or the way it breaks so languidly over the surface that draws me to investigate further. I wonder what vessel would warrant such a provocative treatment. I consider a possible clay body. Iron rich? Porcelain based?

Then on to the cross referencing. I have the idea of what to try, but what about specifics?  Should I spray, dip, or pour?  How thick to mix for specific gravity?  I know that these are the details I must test myself, but the more questions answered now, the further I will get on with my own results.

I take many notes, copy recipes and revise where necessary. Sure, I get the scientific process. These present ups and downs of their own. But my biggest challenge is timeliness. There is just not enough time in the day!

These are three glazes with the new glaze underneath, the orange color.  The white body is a half porcelain body and the other a iron rich one, both from Highwater.  The underglaze has some unique qualities that flux out the overlying glaze.  It is this unique effect that entices me.

Under a matt glaze it holds firm, but there is some color variability that interesting too. I know that if there is too much visual interest then it can take away from the subject, so at the moment I am looking into using it with some accent pots. Here it is under a matt glaze attributed to Don Reitz. I look forward to trying this on my midrange manganese and iron clay.   Stay tuned....

This combination of glazes has some crystals at the top where it was thickest. 

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  1. Wow, that's some pretty good, polished, pottery you have there. I'm glad you tried out different combinations of glazes, the look wonderful! Thank you for sharing what you did.


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