Saturday, May 5, 2012

Artifact Completed:' A Learning Experience'

At this year's Bonsai Society of Florida state convention my art concept pot will be sold at auction. This aesthetic design was a concept piece that was conceived with the idea of representing the growth that can be achieved through the learning of failure.

Our state convention entitled 'A Learning Experience', will feature many avenues for learning in this fine art of bonsai, with spectacular  headliners, world class exhibits, and awe inspiring presentations. So, knowing that I would be custom designing a pot for the auction, I decided to create a culminating represention  a culmination of what I have learned throughout these past few years as a 'noobie' bonsai potter to present.

If you look closely you will see intentional cracks, broken off pieces, and other faux surface features.  These were par for the course in the design, as I wanted something to represent that which has taught me and steered me in this craft.  Ask anyone who has been with me and they will tell you about the many times I have lost a pot in the kiln to these defects.  The thing is, if I had not failed, I would not have learned from these mistakes. Why did it crack?  Was it too dry? Why did it warp? Was it fired too hot?
These are the pitfalls that have been tempering my spirit and bringing about my hard fought victories as a potter. Sure I got plenty frustrated at these situations, but I now cherish them, for they have taught me well.

Here are some detailed shots...
The dark patches on the serpent represent popouts, a
problem from lime in the grog, an additive in the clay.

Here are the intentional break offs that i incorporated into
the design.  This can occur when the clay does not dry evenly.
Making this piece was a challenge in itself. It was the third attempt and I am quite glad it turned out as it did.  Plans are to encase this in a handmade curio box for safe keeping.

Stay tuned, more to come....


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  1. Snake it isn't my favourite animal, but this snake is fantastic :)


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