Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fired test tiles...

Here are some of the samples that were fired since my last post. Being so far behind in my posting it seems  unnecessary to go into too much detail about all of them.  I have since been under the gun for my last show and was way too busy to post along the way.

Anyhoo,  for your viewing pleasure, here are some of my little soldiers.

The middle tiles are glazed with a fake ash glaze with my own oak ash glaze dripped on the top.

Here are a few pots that I glazed with that recipe...

Fellow potters can email me for the recipe. It works best on white and tan stoneware the in my opinion. These were fired in my gas kiln in reduction from ^6 to ^8 nicely.

Michelle is working this week on adding new material to my website so if you are interested please stay tuned...


  1. I would be happy to play around with your glaze this summer!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring pots! Delicious glazes and a wealth of ideas. keep up the good work Rob.


    Dan barton

  3. Could you please email me the recipe for this one. Thanks.


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