Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Crescent for KAWA

We got first place, we got first place...right?!? NOT!

 Here is a beautiful Juniper, hand picked by Mike Rogers, in my one of a kind, commissioned crescent pot. I made this after four other attempts, to get it just the right size, right balance, color, and shape. We used it for the Club Night competition this past month at the Bonsai Society of Florida's state convention in Orlando.

A fun, frenzied time was had by all. Amist a blur of dirt, wiring, placement and patience we worked to finish the project, even finishing with time to spare...

...but first place was awarded to the Brevard Club.  

Here  are the Boys of Brevard working diligently to bring order to chaos designing their impressive Ficus Salicifolia/Nerifolia forest on a slab. It was a real stunner.

They are a powerhouse, yes its true...
but look at the concentration in this trio!

Our BSF Convention headliner and judge, Ryan Neil, did a fantastic job with everything at the convention. He really liked our composition and even had a few nice things to say about the pot.

Club members Diane, Mike, Jane, Mike and Louise should be proud of second place. They were a great team!

....and there is always next year...AGAIN!!!

Thanks to Gerry Devane for providing photos-

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