Sunday, April 3, 2011

Testing midrange clays

Here are some tests of three midrange clay bodies. The first (below) is a Red Iron Oxide wash, mixed with  Ferro 3124 and EPK in thirds by volume. I chose three clay bodies, (from left to right) Brownstone, Desert Buff, and Half and Half, all from Highwater. The drip on the left side of each tile is a pure Oak ash, washed and screened mixed with water. 

This is a similar test of washes using ash and MgO, mixed in the same proportions as the test above. The first tile, however is Max's White Raku clay from Axner.

Here are the Highwater Clays again, this time using Bone from Mastering Cone 6 glazes. There is a drip of the MgO wash on the corner of the tiles that works well with the glaze.  All of these tiles were fired to a full cone 7 in heavy reduction.

Well, more testing is on the way. I really like seeing what I can do with these three clay bodies. I think the Half and Half is a sure winner with the Bone glaze, as it brings out a warm hue. I can't wait to use this clay to make some medium to small sized oval bonsai containers.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

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