Saturday, April 23, 2011

Teaching pottery at Central Florida Bonsai Club

Our hands were busy last month at my CFBC pot making workshop.  Participants spent time learning about the characteristics of clay and different forming methods to used to create pots.  I must say it was a very fast paced 3 hours, but the amount of learning and productivity that came out of it was certainly worth it.  Here Betsy looks on as Rick takes a short cut with his pinch pot...
Some people give a lot of attention to detail. Here Betsy is using a coil to reinforce a joint in her slab built pot.  She told me once that she used to make pottery years ago.  After watching her work I could tell.  Once a potter always a potter?

Here are some more shots of the slab building process.  In the second to last photo, Zoo Mike used bark to get an interesting texture on his pot.  I am so proud of him!

Paul is very quiet when he works. When you see his pots you will know why.  Such concentration!

Well, I am off to wash off the bisqued pots and get them ready for our glazing class next month. All of the pots make it through the bisque with no problems so I am very happy.  Overall the class went very smoothy, but I should have taken more pictures to share here.  I will try to take more on the 13th when we meet again.

Thanks to all the participants for your patience and support!

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