Sunday, January 2, 2011

Slabs of COLOR for forest plantings

With just a few weeks to go before the 2011 Joy of Bonsai mini convention I wanted to share some photographs of my glazed colored slabs that will be available for purchase. Although these are not ALL of my slab pieces you can get an idea of the type and size of some of them.

I have about 35 pieces in all ranging in many colors, sizes and textures. The unglazed types (not pictured here) range from reddish browns to mauve and red tones, all stained to give them a unique character. 

This piece below was a commission that will be used as a demo for Mike Rogers in KAWA. He will be using it for a forest of Hornbeam or Crepe Myrtle. Mike is wonderful at creating a beautiful group planting with just about any material.  I was very humbled to have made this slab for his demo at this years' event in Bunnell. 

Later this week I will post an short article about the group/forest planting as it relates to the style of container. I am hoping to shed some light on the different STYLES of plantings and how a good container, pot or slab helps to effectively complete a well balanced composition.

Until then, enjoy your new year!

Rob Addonizio
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