Monday, January 11, 2010

Interesting glaze combo

We potters can never quite seem to have enough time to experiment with glazes. Well, at least that's how I feel. When I was a painter, any color that I wanted could easily be mixed up. If I wanted a different shade, or  a lighter hue, or even a darker value, it was easily accomplished within minutes. Sometimes the color that I wanted didn't work in a composition and I would have to keep searching, but the search was never a long one, at least compared to what happens in pottery.
Its a time issue. It takes at least a month's time to turn out test tiles of different color glazes, and then there is retesting to compensate for differences: firing temp, atmosphere, claybody, underglaze and stain, so on and so on.
So I have learned to be patient, or at least more pragmatic. I know that to get a good result in any glaze test requires planning and taking good notes. I still have a few commercial stand by colors on my shelves, but they are disappearing and I am moving more into the unknown. But I like the unexpected so I will follow these new directions and hopefully build on my positives.
Now, if I could only find my notebook......

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  1. Rob

    Its a long road the glazing one. A friend of mine from Wallsall Studio Ceramics, Bonsai also, has one base glaze and just adds to that. I am intrigued but he won't tell, damn it!.
    I have a glaze recipe that I will send over for you. A good matt white crackle for reduction firing for your new gas kiln




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