Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HAN KENGAI "Personality without ego."

The japanese term for half cascade is Han Kengai.

I seem to appreciate this form more and more. Some of the best compositions that I have seen in this style seem to have the best  balance. The graceful sloping branches take their time as they decend around to encompass the base of a great pot, all the while complimenting itself to the top, or apex. Artists and enthusiasts who work in this style have to work to keep the balance alive. The tree wants to grow upwards and must be trained down. The artist has to keep the bottom vigorous and keep the top short yet healthy.

To keep this visual interest below the rim of the pot I sometimes like to put some added features. A few rivets or a rustic chop help to achieve this small goal. It gives flavor and character to the tree and compliments it. Hopefully.

The trick is to add personality without the ego. That's the hard part!

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