Monday, December 21, 2009

bbbbig bbbisque load!

Yes, I have been a bit on the busy side getting this ready for next month's showin Bunnell. I have made 34 pieces in this double kiln load and hope to have them all glazed and fired by New Year's. I have been mixing up more M^6 Glazes, in the 1,000 gram size, and hope that mixing in bulk will pay off. I have ordered my new gas kiln and although it should be here next month I will be doing a bit of learning and experimenting before I actually can start using it....well, I will explain more details in another post.
Well, time for me to get busy and start glazing. I will be trying some new combinations/layering of glazes(oxidation for now), and I will probably post some pics of those if time permits.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Looking good Rob. Good luck with the show



  2. Looks like you payed great attention to detail, beautiful job! here's to doing well at the show...


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