A Campeche, Ilex, and Peggy's Sleepy Raintree

At our monthly bonsai club meeting this past Friday, I had the opportunity to photograph a few of one of my favorite customer's trees. 

This first pic is a Campeche, also known as logwood or bloodwood; a name referring to its hard dark heartwood.  This is a tropical ornamental tree that grows in the Yucatan and northern south america. It was used for centuries by indigenous cultures for many medicinal purposes, as well as for its lumber. Peggy chose this oval with a pale cream glaze, which I think is great choice. The pot is quite well suited to enhance the color of the trunk and cool grey greens of the foliage.

At around 30 inches tall, this guy almost didn't fit in the photo setup! Great tree though!

If you prefer cool grey green hues in a bonsai composition then this next tree would be a good fit. 

This is an Ilex Shillings, or Yaupon, a type of Holly. I had to under expose the composition a full stop just so the colors of the pot came through. In my opinion, this pot matches the foliage and wood tones just superbly!

The Brazilian Raintree is popular tropical specimen for a bonsai.  It features bi-pinnately compound leaves and a creamy green wood.  An interesting feature of this tree is how the trunk grows. It can bulge and undulate, giving it a character all its own.

I want to thank Peggy for all of her support. She is a very active woman in our club and her attention to detail truly inspires me! Thanks again!