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Yep, I'm a slacker.  Been too busy to keep up with my blog and I must say it is rather embarrassing. Oh well, at least things are going good so I won't complain.

In my busy summer schedule I thought I could at least share some of my photography. These  photos are really fun for me. I love taking my stock pictures and spicing them up a bit. I get my inspiration from fashion magazine covers...go figure. I absolutely love the arrangement of color and mood that I see in the fashion world. Very dynamic.

This fun, yet limited venture keeps me in a good place with my pottery. It forces me to 'rethink' about glazes and matching them to feminine or masculine pots. The hard part is looking back at what I have done in the past. I can see lots of pieces, especially earlier ones, that were rather mismatched. Oh well, I will just have to chalk it up to progress!

Thanks for reading....


  1. Blog should be for fun and shouldn't be a chore. I am a big, big fan of your pots, always glad to see an update, but there is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed, if there is a slow period. Its better to update only when you want to do so. Keeps the quality high.

    About your pots, I have always thought, that you have many lines of progress going on at the same time. Forms, colors, textures etc. Naturally there will be mismatches, that is to be expected. Don't under-estimate your readers, they may well be able to pick up whats interesting. I think you have made several perfect pots, but its not even desirable, that they all are perfect. Funny thing to say.


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