Odds and Ends

Midrange clay body with glazes from some of my favs: Bright sky blue,
Panicoli's Pale Blue Matt and Panicoli's Fake Ash to name a few.
Been back at it. This last round of pots gave me some unexpected extra room in my small 40+year old electric kiln for a few small accents.  The photo above is from the commissioned set of 24 accents that I made for a retailer in the northeast.  After looking at my kiln shelves before the bisque firing I noticed that I could get in a few fun extra kusamono and accent planters.  The dark brown clay I chose has a bit of iron and manganese in it. The clay really helps pop out a bit of extra contrast from under the glaze.

Here are some of those funky kiln space fillers:
The cracks are intentional, both on the rim and on the surface.

These guys are really rugged and fun to make.  I really enjoyed jigging with the texture.

Here are some smaller guys looking for a pinch of moss to brighten up a three point display. Perhaps a bright green color in the center could work nicely with the dark brown clay?
Each little 'rosette' has a rounded cavity and drainage holes.
 In this next set I added a bit of height to the moss rosette idea.  They will fit the same basic design purpose but perhaps with a different pot/tree style. 

Personally, I enjoy the wabi sabi character of these guys. They are a joy to make; imagining them in finished, planted up in a three point display is were my creativity lingers....